Aitch sails the Atlantic

Found a small Portuguese diary in the garage. Aitch must have bought it in Salvador, their last port in Brazil before they crossed to the Caribbean and she left the little 36ft yacht from Cape Town and joined the magnificent 85ft aluminium Chrismi II in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua as cook and bottle washer (who also happened to be a qualified celestial and coastal navigator). Of course she’d have to be a celestial navigator to work her way around me, but I digress.

So: The diary:

Sabado 10 Abril 1983   (Sunday 10 April to you)

Lunch on deck (French guests)

Mushrooms cooked with cream & sherry on fried bread

Fetta cheese salad with herbs & olive oil

Green salad with onion, green pepper, boiled egg & anchovies

Later on:

Domingo 25 Abril 1983 St Barts (Gustavia)

Snacks on deck
Cocktail sausages cooked with butter, mustard & sugar
Bowl of layered mashed egg, sour cream and caviar

No scandal! Only menus! She used to talk about averting her gaze as she handed out the canapes on deck to the naked Frogs lolling around.

“Koos! It was like walking through an asparagus patch!” she’d exclaim.

Chrismi II – – – – – and Aitch

Chrismi2 (5) Aitch sails Chrismi (2)