Well, Who The Hell . . .

. . woulda thunk this!? If you’d asked me, I would have rated the likelihood of this happening would be as remote as me falling preggers, but . . . life.

I’m working in a catholic monastery.

Allan Marais moved our St Mary’s optometric clinic into Marianhill Monastery when ‘the province’ said they no longer needed our free service. Anyone smell a rat? Can a juicy tender be somewhere in the mix?

‘Yes, we know you were free, but we no longer need you, even though you were doing a great job and the people loved the free service’ – right!

So here we are! Halleluja, Three Hail Marys, Bless you, and all that. Every two or three months I drive through those pearly gates you see in the above picture when I do my voluntary eyeball-checking stint!

We’re in the bottom left. Fannon building, I think



These pics are from Hugh Bland’s wonderful site .

He is busy recording, cataloguing and preserving KwaZulu Natal history, bless him! Here he is, dressed and kitted out for action. KwaZulu Memories Man!

Did I mention he’s a Natal Cousin of mine?


Natal Cousin – distant relative claimed if said person is famous or doing well