Caged Creatures

Only fair if we’re talking about caged birds vs flying free, to show the creatures we have kept in cages in the wild: Gerbils, hamsters and a corn snake.

Much harder to find pictures of them in the wild on the internet! Most pics are of them in captivity.


Anthropomorphic Tom

TomTom keeps a beautiful American corn snake in captivity in a vivarium in his room. He loves her. I say if you love her, set her free. He doesn’t like that. Thinks his Dad is weird. I’m strict with him on cleanliness, feeding and water, temperature, etc, as he would easily forget. She gets a rat a week to swallow, carefully thawed and presented hygienically for consumption. The tank has an air temperature and moisture gauge to monitor that things stay right for Flaky.

Yep, Flaky the snaky.

As she grew we increased her accommodation to this double-story setup:


Once after moving her cage nearer the window so she could catch more sun as the days got colder, Tom came running into my room:

“Dad, Flaky’s humanity is up to 99%” he shouts.