Prof Chris Barnard’s Farewell

At the airport yesterday I saw a new book on Professor Chris Barnard by James-Brent Styan: ‘Heartbreaker’. It’s fifty years since the world’s first heart transplant and the famous surgeon and playboy is in the news again, as people use the anniversary to look back afresh . . A while ago I had found Aitch’sContinue reading “Prof Chris Barnard’s Farewell”

Fame! Riches! The Life of Aitch

Hey, they’re making a movie on the life of heart surgeon Professor Chris Barnard. Sunday, 3 December 2017 will mark the 50th anniversary of the world’s first heart transplant, so they obviously want to cash in on that. Aitch worked with him till he retired. On 14 December 1983 she went to his farewell. SheContinue reading “Fame! Riches! The Life of Aitch”

Jessie’s Show and Tell – and Aitch’s Legacy

Jessie’s grade 10 class had Dr Chris Barnard and Heart Transplants as a subject last week. When she told me I asked, ‘Did you tell them your Mama worked with him?’ Actually, no she hadn’t. She vaguely knew Mom had done it, but wasn’t confident enough to step forward. My shy Jess. So out withContinue reading “Jessie’s Show and Tell – and Aitch’s Legacy”