Another Garden Snake

We were happily sitting on a septic tank in River Drive when progress came rudely knocking. The municipality was putting in water-borne sewerage and the pipe was going to go through our garden and across the Mkombaan River at the bottom of it. There would be some dynamite blasting. Deep blasting where they were goingContinue reading “Another Garden Snake”

Honeysucker to the Rescue

* updated * Dad! Who farted!? exclaims Jess this morning, wrinkling up her nose. Not me! Not me! Not me! say all three of us, each suspecting that someone is holding back. Or not holding back? Soon the mystery is solved as we hear a rumbling in the road at the bottom of our garden.Continue reading “Honeysucker to the Rescue”

A Crock at the End

Turning into Jan Hofmeyr road today I saw the brightest rainbow I have seen in all my life, which is a long, long time. The picture is washed out – it was seriaas bright and richly-coloured – quite spectacular! The ‘shadow’ rainbow to the left (it was a double ‘bow) was as bright as aContinue reading “A Crock at the End”