First Cuckoo in 1913

I was thinking about the seasons and how we look out for our first Yellow-billed Kite every year around Spring. We also love hearing the first Piet-My-Vrou and other cuckoo calls. Richard Lydekker (1849 – 1915) was an English naturalist, geologist and writer of numerous books on natural history. In fact, about thirty books inContinue reading “First Cuckoo in 1913”

Spring and Rivalry

The big old mirror removed from my bathroom and placed against an outside wall didn’t seem to be causing any hassle. But in the meantime Spring has sprung and brightly-coloured little hormone packages are whizzing about. This fella was having at his reflection and must have concussed himself or run out of steam. Luckily heContinue reading “Spring and Rivalry”