Satellites – Where are they?

Look up and spot the satellites above you. How far are they? Well, if you could lift up the front of your car until it was standing on its exhaust pipe and then drive straight upwards, the nearest ones are only one hour’s drive away, assuming your car can go 160km/h. I’m sure mine couldContinue reading “Satellites – Where are they?”

The Urgent Impatience of Youth

. . and the Wilful Slackness of Old Toppies. Soon after 16:44 yesterday Tom found me in Sportsman’s Warehouse. “Dad! Why do you wait so long before you answer me? I whatsapp you and then you take AGES before you respond!” Oh! How long about, TomTom? “Hours! Or maybe ten minutes or more.” Let’s check,Continue reading “The Urgent Impatience of Youth”