Aitch Art Connoisseur – Again

I wrote about Aitch’s eye for and taste in art here when she spotted a Willie Bester in Cape Town in 1993 and bought it over my “are you sure?” ignorance. Around about the same time we met Ingrid Weiersbye on Barry & Lyn Porter’s game farm at Hella Hella and Aitch loved her workContinue reading “Aitch Art Connoisseur – Again”

Me, Art Connoisseur – Not

Subject: I’m rich Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2016 I’m rich. I have an early Willie Bester, complete with crushed Mainstay Cane spirits bottle top and torn-off piece of an Omo packet, framed in cheap SA pine. Read this from Smithsonian Libraries and weep: Contemporary African art from the Jean Pigozzi collection / foreword by MarkContinue reading “Me, Art Connoisseur – Not”