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It’s A Dog’s (married) Life

adopted dog

This poster reminded me of a school lift a few years back where the kids were talking about their dogs.

“Did you guys know Sambucca’s Dad is ZinZan, Luke’s dog, and her Mom is Daisy, Emily’s bitch?” I asked them (both those kids were in the kombi).

“Yes” said Luke, sounding sad – “But they’re separated”.


I shook with silent laughter as they pondered this sad news. I wasn’t going to tell them they’d only “been together” for twenty minutes.


This email exchange followed:

Steve wrote:

Hope he is keeping up with his alimony payments.

Hey! I hadn’t thought of that!
Lance, methinks ZinZan should be sending a monthly cheque . . .

Lance (Luke’s Dad):

Good luck with that!

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