Not Now, Ma!

Aitch takes a weekly reading session at Livingstone.
Usually she reads in the class and each kid gets a turn to come to her and read while the rest get on with their work under the teacher’s supervision. She slips Tom’s book near the top of the pile so he can get his reading done early and stop watching her reading with the others.
She gives him a discreet hug as he walks up to her to which he stiffens awkwardly, turns his shoulder and glances to see if his mates are watching. He does NOT want to be teased!!

This week for once the reading was outside the classroom, and Mrs Button sent the kids out one by one.

SO: TomTom climbed on Aitch’s lap and gave her a huge hug, snuggled down and read both his books to her with full concentration!

Aitch’s grin was still fixed on her face hours later.

You can venture forth boldly and independently . .

– but it’s nice to have a safe haven . . . –


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