Who Helped Who?

Tom 7th Giba - collages-002.jpgMom n Tom choose a cake for his 7th birthday party: A great big rocket with a number SEVEN emblazoned in smarties on its side, on a star-shaped base and gleaming red aluminium foil fins.

Tom 7th Giba - collages

They choose the mixing bowl, run the Kenwood mixer, prepare the star-shaped pan and – at last – pop the first part into the pre-heated oven.

It’s a hot, muggy day and Aitch plops down into a chair in the breakfast nook and smiles at Tom.

Mom, he says, I couldn’t have done that without you!


It gets worse. Later on he thinks of something and goes up to Aitch.

Mom, what treat can I get for helping you? he asks.

Hmmm, says Aitch. Who’s cake is this?


So what do I get for helping YOU?

A hearty handshake, says the incorrigible one, without missing a beat and goes running off chuckling.

Tom 7th Birthday

Tom’s 7th party – A Mountain Bike Party – at Giba Gorge. Good one, Ma!

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