I Get A Bum Rap

Snoozing on Tommy’s bed tonight he lies down and puts his head on my stomach, disturbing me with the racket coming from his Blackberry.

Dad, listen to this rap: It’s 2 Chainz, he’s cool, huh?

All I can hear is a string of chanted F-words.
Dad, he says, taking a picture of my face from navel-level, You could be a rap star. We could call you 2 Chinz.

Hoses himself. So clever. Little squirt.


Jess also took a pic with her distortifying setting:
Dad & Jess


  1. Jon Taylor says:

    The distort picture didn’t change Jess much . .


    1. bewilderbeast says:

      And it didn’t change me at all . . .


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