City Boys

So Devan and Lungelo are staying over for the night. Devan was just visiting, but when his young blonde divorced Mom came to fetch him the trio convinced her it would be SO UNFAIR if he couldn’t also spend the night.

Him being rather pale he was noticeably pink as they’d been in the pool all day. Oops. Suntan lotion. Right. Tom & Lungelo not so much. Once Devan’s Ma had left I lined them up and issued each wif a stone – about plum-size.

What now, Dad?

“City slicker wimps need to learn a few basic skills” I drone while I line them up in front of an upended big black dustbin with a white HTH bucket on top. At a distance of four metres they all missed the target by about five metres.

“Seewaddimean?” says Dad. “Take turns and don’t stop till you’ve each hit the bucket five times.”

They loved it. They reckon they’re ready to hunt big game now.


As his classmates were here I called him Thomas, like they do.

‘Dad’ he says, ‘I’m Tommy’.

Suits me.


The pic is Tommy, Lungelo and another pale mate Ryan. Another day, another place, but same year!

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