Bloody Road Cyclists!

We hit the road at 7:10am this morning on the school run and Jan Hofmeyr was gridlocked. I turned down Salisbury and saw that was worse. Traffic came to a halt. Leaning out the window I had a few chats to fellow-detainees:

Seems it was a cycle race which had closed the M13 in both directions. A cycle race! On a FRIDAY!? And for roadies nogal, those humourless lycra-clad anal-obsessive cross-dressers!? Shee-yit!

Eventually I opted out and parked. The kids walked the two blocks home and I tried out the new coffee bar at the top of our road: Joomas. They said they’re the busiest they’ve ever been and they’re three hands short: Caught in this traffic snarl-up.
9:00 Still gridlock. Amazing. The kids walked back and we decided to move at 9:10 and joined the lane inching west.
Dropped the kids off at 9:55am! School is about 4km from home.
‘Mazing. Never seen the likes.

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