Tom’s New Butler

I moved Tom from his vainglorious paediatrician to his helluva-decent-chap GP yesterday for oversight of his daily mutis.

Being a very thorough specialist GP, Dr Lawrence went through all the pros & cons, side-effects etc, plus we had a long chat about ADD, what it is and how one should handle these special cases. Shouting doesn’t help, don’t beat your head against the same wall over & over, sometimes its worth just putting their socks on for them in the morning so it gets done quickly, give them a quiet place to work, give them routine, make sure they eat breakfast, etc.
A proper consultation as it should be done. Hats off, and a breath of fresh air.

So this morning we had a good laugh as I tickled his feet while dutifully putting on his way-too-big hand-me-downs from friend James after he’d come up to me half-dressed and said: Dad, Doctor said you have to put my socks on.

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