Aitch knew a doctor in PMB who “did up” Land Rovers. That got me thinking . . .
To my amazement my partners Lello Yoell & Stoute weren’t HUGELY enthusiastic as I twisted their arms to go in as equal shareholders! Even when I told them that, besides the good doctor, it had only one previous owner (omitting that that had been the old KwaZulu Homeland Police Force).
But eventually they agreed and we became the proud consortium owners of a handpainted 1979 hole-in-the-floor manual 4X4 long wheelbase Series III station wagon-type 5-door Land Rover.
It was fitted with a Ford Essex V6 three litre engine on new birdshit-welded mountings and painted white with an old brush. The wheelrims were painted red with the same brush, from which its name Redfoot. Did I mention handpainted?

Well, we ended up putting three engines into ole Redfoot, and it went up Sani once, to Ladysmith once as 8-seater transport (Prem took it), Yoell used it once and never again, Soutar used it, Andre vd Merwe from PE thought he’d buy it but his wife Sue made him turn back NOW after only a few k’s and said he would buy it “Over Her Deceased Corpse”. A Canadian optometrist used it to get to a clinic where he did a volunteer stint in the Valley of 1000 Hills. He brought it back smoking – he didn’t really get the “stick shift” thing, nor the “clutch” thing.

Spent R25k on it in all and sold it for R5k – with relief! Not a runaway success story was Redfoot, but I think my partners exaggerate when they say I promised them an “investment opportunity”!

BUT never forget: When we went up Sani with an Isuzu 4X4 and a Toyota 4X4 and a Nissan 4X4, although they flew up and Redfoot had to pause for breath and a radiator top-up everyone had their photos taken next to Redfoot!

The three more capable - but less photogenic - bakkies

The more capable but less photogenic bakkies

Redfoot Sani crop-001
The posing


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