Stefanus wrote about a new thing. I paraphrased his rant: What a bloody stupid idea. The ‘Key Fob’ or ‘Keyless Start’ or ‘Keyless Go’ or ‘Proximity Key’. I have always thought it was a stupid idea but I wasn’t sure why. Tonight I found out why. Our friend John gets home with his wife after […]

It’s Just Cos You’re Old

My ole man complains his doc doesn’t even try to help him. “He always just says ‘It’s cos you’re old’ ‘Dis die ouderdom.’ Any problem, there’s no attempt at fixing or understanding – just ‘Hey, you’re old.’” Now I really empathise with people wanting to be heard; I think every effort should be made to […]

Deja Bloody Vu

Can you believe it? The irresponsibility! Tom is writing exams, writes five and decides he wants to write the last three when I can invigilate. The others have been invigilated by his tutor Langelihle and another third-year student Rebecca. So we settle on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Except he arranges for Ryan to come around […]

Redfoot, the 1979 Land Rover

Aitch knew a doctor in PMB who “did up” Land Rovers. That got me thinking . . . To my amazement my partners Lello Yoell & Stoute weren’t HUGELY enthusiastic as I twisted their arms to go in as equal shareholders! Even when I told them that, besides the good doctor, it had only one […]

Moving? Don’t use Swanie’s Van Lines!

We were moving don’t ask me why. I would happily die here, I said to Aitch. “It’s outside the best schools’ catchment area” Aitch said to me. Which was why I was loading stuff into a rented trailer after fifteen years in River Drive. Look, it wasn’t a bad trailer. It was – OK, it […]

Casa Blanca Roadhouse, Joburg

As students 1974-1977 we would frequent the Casa Blanca roadhouse at the foot of Nugget Hill below Hillbrow when the pocket money arrived from home. Squeezed into Joz’s VW Beetle or Steve’s beige Apache or Bobby’s Mini Cooper S or Glen’s green Toyota, we’d ask the old Elvis-looking guy with a cap, flip-up sunglasses and […]

We have not been able to reach you

Hi Pete, Thank you for your response, I’ll cancel your – or shall I say Thomas’s – request with the dealer. Glad the boy has good taste in cars. Keep well. Kind Regards Vicki Carshop Team Leader ————————– From: Pete Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 2:15 PM To: carshop Subject: Re: We have not been […]

My Ford Ranger 3-litre Diesel! It’s gone!

Got back from the Brauers palatial new home, landed at Kinshasa Airport and set off to my car. OK, bakkie, in 1A in the parking garage proper. (King Shaka airport, really). Usually I park under shade cloth, but I thought what the hell, I was a bit late so I took a shorter route. Okaaay, […]

Thy Ox and My Ass

On a boys getaway weekend to Manteku on the WildCoast my kombi makes it easily down to Drifters’ camp, though I do think Uh! Oh! as we drive down, Might be interesting getting out! Five glorious days later we pack up and head out. But it has rained and the hill is too much for […]