Underground and Underwater in Kenya

In Tsavo East we walked down a long underground tunnel from Elephant Hills Lodge on the hilltop in the first pic below, to the waterhole below the hill, where the tunnel ends in an iron-barred underground hide looking out at elephant feet and buffalo legs as they drink almost within touching distance.

Elephant Hills - East Tsavo

KenyaTsavo (12)

In Tsavo West we climbed down into an old metal tank with glass portholes looking out into the crystal clear waters of Mzima Spring, where fish swim past and hippos can be seen looking like graceful ballerinas who have ‘let themselves go’ as they move daintily by, holding their breath. We watched and waited but not a one of them farted while we were there.

KenyaTsavo Mzima underwater tank   the underwater ‘hide’

There's the underwater observation tank opposite

view of the ‘hide’ across the spring

We saw Kilimanjaro! We weren’t expecting to, but as we drove around on a cloudy day we suddenly saw a mountain top WAY higher than one would expect and we realised that it  must be Kili, the world’s highest free-standing mountain!

KenyaTsavo Kilimanjaro we had more cloud than this

Of course we should have realised we’d be close to Kili, but we didn’t give it a thought. We were in Kenya, Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, and it just didn’t occur to us!


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