Tongue Piercing Avoided . . Wallet Pierced Instead.

So D-Day dawned today and I was trapped. She’s done all her homework, researched it, found a slash-for-cash artist, priced it, drawn her money and extracted a promise from me that I’d take her TODAY. How to get out of this? Jess, does your school even allow piercing? I ask.

Of course yes, Dad. Well, clever question that was.

Sudden inspiration! BRIBERY!

Jess, which would you rather have: A pierced tongue, or a notebook computer?

Ooh, that got her thinking.

A proper tablet, not a cheapie? Well, . . yes.

Hm. She lets me sweat. And can I still have my tongue pierced later? Well, yes, after school you’re on your own, kid.

A real tablet computer TODAY? Sure.

OK Dad, I’ll take the tablet, I won’t have my tongue pierced. I’ve decided and I’m sure about it.

Phew! I’m very relieved my girl, I really was worried and unhappy.

Then she drops her bombshell: I was having second thoughts myself, Dad!

Jess Tongue Tongue safe – for now

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