Quantum Physics and Raising Teens

Niels Bohr said anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it. Richard Feynman said no-one understands quantum theory. But quantum theory makes possible lasers, computers, transistors, GPS, cellphones, MRI machines and all the wonders of the information age. Without quantum theory much of modern science would not exist. So I haveContinue reading “Quantum Physics and Raising Teens”

Salt Rock Gap

Gail & Sean Robinson invited us along to join them and friends Len and Ann on their Salt Rock getaway. Brave souls! They probly thought “Let’s ask Pete, Jess and Tom”. They got Pete, Jess, Tom, Lungelo, Ryan and Andile!! Luckily the boys slotted in smoothly, eating, sleeping and fishing like Vaalies-by-die-see. And even gettingContinue reading “Salt Rock Gap”

Now they’re called . .

. . screenagers. This was new to me. Here we are, screenagers. Their screen-centric devices have become appendages they cannot live without, their dependency on real-time consumption, constant connectivity and an ever-expanding universe of expectations just grows, their digital maturity reaching new and higher levels. Get used to it! Not only are there ever-more digitalContinue reading “Now they’re called . .”

Tongue Piercing Avoided . . Wallet Pierced Instead.

So D-Day dawned today and I was trapped. She’s done all her homework, researched it, found a slash-for-cash artist, priced it, drawn her money and extracted a promise from me that I’d take her TODAY. How to get out of this? Jess, does your school even allow piercing? I ask. Of course yes, Dad. Well,Continue reading “Tongue Piercing Avoided . . Wallet Pierced Instead.”