A Week in Mkhuze

We saw lots of bewilderbeast droppings and lots of bewilderbeasts – many with tiny calves, meals on wobbly hooves to the lions and cheetahs. The big male lion had also helped himself to a giraffe calf, so fat pickings this summer.

DSCN0883 Wobbly hooves

Impala nursery on Nsumo Pan Impala nursery

DSCN0888 I’ll have one of those Mkhuze Lion

Ugh, I ate too much giraffe

We watched two cheetah stalk the wildebeasts and then charge off out of sight. Friends saw the lionesses bring down a wildebeast calf right in front of them at the waterhole. Lots of square-lipped rhino and then at last: A hook-lipped rhino! He stood obligingly while we took pictures.

Wonderful Mkhuze birdlife as always, with cuckoo hawk & pygmy kingfisher being my highlights.


Mkhuze Dec 2014-002

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