Rare Mammal in Mkhuze

Mkhuze is dry. Very VERY dry! Nsumo Pan is empty. One tiny little mud puddle has about twenty hippos huddling in it, caked in thick mud. At the entrance to KuMasinga hide a chap with stunning new Swarovskis and a huge bazooka-like Canon telephoto lens asks “You a birder?” (I spose he spotted my ZeissContinue reading “Rare Mammal in Mkhuze”

Mkhuze Camping

While I was pitching camp Jess came running to me with a horrified look on her face. She must have seen a snake or a leopard, I’m sure. “DAD!!” she says breathlessly, horrified, stricken. “DAD!! There’s no wifi here!!” Her idea of hell. =======ooo000ooo======= Embarrassing note:I am good at giving advice. If you ask meContinue reading “Mkhuze Camping”

A Week in Mkhuze

We saw lots of bewilderbeast droppings and lots of bewilderbeasts – many with tiny calves, meals on wobbly hooves to the lions and cheetahs. The big male lion had helped himself to a giraffe calf, so fat pickings this summer. The lions were recently introduced to shake things up in Mkhuze, (four in Nov 2013Continue reading “A Week in Mkhuze”