Coffee with Jess

Breakfast with Jess and her friend Jordi at the Pavilion shopping centre. Tommy’s playing rugby.


Drinks? Black coffee for me. Jess & Jordi will have hot chocolate. As our waitress Progress buzzes off to place the order Jess exclaims “Oh, wait! Can I change, Daddy?”

Sure love. Hop up and chase Progress (I think that’s good advice in general actually my baby, but I don’t say it. Don’t want her to say Huh?). As she gets up she mutters to Jordi “I want an apple martini”.

Hang on, what Jess? “A martini” she repeats, looks at my face and says “Why? Has it got alcohol in it?”

So we have a chat about what’s in various drinks and agree she can have a martini soon.

I’ve little doubt she’ll say Yuck! (she has just added two spoons of sugar to her hot chocolate).


  1. bewilderbees says:

    A real martini is gin and vermouth. And a real man will say “cut the vegetables” so that the barman leaves out the olive. I made Jess a real one (‘Yuck!’) and a diluted one with lots of apple juice (which she slowly half-finished).


  2. headhuntbds says:

    Maybe apple will make it palatable, but my various attempts particularly at the dry martini were strong tasting. Is vodka not a required part of every martini?


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