The Wages of Sin

My Mom is Mary Methodist. She’s 86. Let’s call that 4300 Sundays old. Of those Sundays she’s probably been to church 4299 times, maybe more cos she was the organist for 100 years and the choir leader and she probly went twice a Sunday quite a few times. I know it felt like I did.
In the week she’d go to DoubleYou Ay meetings (Women’s Auxiliary, the church’s way of keeping them occupied and out of the pulpit).

This morning she phoned me. Says she missed church today cos she woke up at ten to seven for seven o’ clock church.
I said I hope you rolled over and went back to sleep?
No, she got up and spring-cleaned a bit cos her great-grandaughter Mary-Kate is coming to visit while her grandaughter LindiLou plays hockey.

Yesterday, she tells me, they went off to watch the rugby and when they came back they were on loadshedding. AND the Sharks had lost.
And do I know the electricity didn’t come back on two hours later! They had to use gas to heat up their meal and it only came on over four hours later. Her friend Winnie’s also went off, but it came back on after just two hours!

Well, I said, maybe SHE went to church.


Here she is with Aitch a few years ago:

Mary and Aitch at 16 Ivy Rd PMB
Mary and Aitch at 16 Ivy Rd PMB

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