Jessie’s Safari

She passed her matric, so got to choose her holiday! A Safari, Dad! Well, wasn’t Dad pleased!





nambiti-30   nambiti-104

At Nambiti outside Ladysmith. Springbok Lodge. Jess loved the accommodation and the food and the big beasts.

There were also wonderful little beasts.

Then this! The best sighting: I had been polite about birding all along – it was Jessies’s trip and she wanted big furry smelly creatures. Also we had Poms on board. But when a quail flushed and Tascha drove on saying ‘common quail’ I said ‘Whoa! Let’s have a look, please.’ Luckily it obligingly came out of the grass and back onto the track where we could see it was special. I got a reasonable picture, but Tascha had a better camera. This is her pic:  A Harlequin Quail!

Harlequin quail.jpg

The food was really special, the chefs took great pride in their work. Jess took to our Ranger Tascha the Pom and loved the drives.

Nambiti (42).jpg

Here she watches three male lions try to attack hippos in a dam. The hippos were having none of it, so there was a standoff. Threats and splashes.

On the other end of the scale I watched a tiny green mantid nymph (half the size of a matchstick) rock and sway, trying to look like a leaf, then dart forward on his four legs – no wings yet – then sway and mimic a leaf in a breeze. Amazing feisty little fella was stalking ants, it seemed. I clean forgot to take a picture!

Nambiti Springbok Lodge Big Five.jpg

Well done, Jess! And thanks for a lovely celebratory trip, my star!!


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