The Goatitudes – 4. Bear Witness

The old man gets The Witness delivered to his gate daily. He has fetched it at the gate at around 5am for decades. His 96yr-old legs started protesting against this chore so he recently roped in the kid next door. For R20 a month the kid now hangs the packet it comes in on theContinue reading “The Goatitudes – 4. Bear Witness”

Jessie’s Safari

She passed her matric, so got to choose her holiday! A Safari, Dad! Well, wasn’t Dad pleased!   At Nambiti outside Ladysmith. Springbok Lodge. Jess loved the accommodation and the food and the big beasts. There were also wonderful little beasts. Then this! The best sighting: I had been polite about birding all along –Continue reading “Jessie’s Safari”