TC the Original

First puppy. That was TC whose name didn’t signify much but we couldn’t think of another and settled on TC which teasingly was for “Terrible Canine” or “Terrific Canine”. Maybe the character from the TV show Magnum P.I influenced the name too. She was born on Melrose Farm of Mouse the Jack Russel by that he-man and character Stan the dark Staffie and was a gift from Dave and Goldie Hill, new parents of Tatum at the time. December 1988.

Stan with Goldie; Mouse with Tatum:

TC with her siblings before weaning:

Puppies 1988 Farm.jpg

We still lived in a flat but were moving into a house soon. Flat life suited TC:

But so did the great outdoors:


And even though three younger new arrivals outgrew her . . .

Dogs River Dr Matt TC.jpg

She outlasted two of them and remained Top Dog:

Dogs River Dr TC.jpg

Her big friend and sparring partner was Tess the bull terrier from next door. Only when we were near would they attack each other.


Once I held Tess high overhead with TC attached to her leg in a firm bite, both growling furiously. I had to dump them in the pool before they would quit their nonsense!

TC lived to fifteen and is buried at 7 River Drive Westville. She just got old and tired and slower and thin, and died quietly in her basket one evening.

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