Our Woodworker

The old man made a beautiful riempie bench, modelled after an old one he bought. He made two, so that along with the old one he’d have three. He gave one to each of his three beloved children.


Made of blackwood. Thickness’d and planed by him. Legs turned in his lathe. Olive wood turnings for the backrest too. Yellowwood inlays routed into the backrest with his own router. Proper joins to hang it all together. The riempies were from a kudu he had shot in old South West Africa, where he skinned it and brought the skin and the horns home. Then he took the skin to Marianhill where the nuns tanned it and cut it into riempies.

riempie-bench-2  riempie-bench-3

Quite something! No wonder he wants it back. Here he is with Mom in his woodworkshop.


What you say?

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