Workshop SwanSong

The old man has finally taken the momentous decision – after much kicking for touch, procrastination and setting obstacles in the way – to sell their house in Pietermaritzburg, home for the last (?) fourteen years, and – a way harder decision – to sell his whole workshop; Woodworking machines, stacks of wood, hand powerContinue reading “Workshop SwanSong”

Is This A Chisel?

So the old man buys 24 pfeil carving chisels from a fellow woodworker for R500. He already has carving chisels, but this is a bargain he can’t resist. He’s fully aware of the value of pfeils – “the best in the business”. His mate probably wasn’t!? He makes a box for them, adding value: TheyContinue reading “Is This A Chisel?”

Our Woodworker

The old man made a beautiful riempie bench, modeled after an old one he bought. He made two, so that along with the old one he’d have three, the thought being to give one to each of his three beloved children. Made of blackwood; thickness’d and planed; legs and olive wood turnings for the backrestContinue reading “Our Woodworker”

Floating Shelves

Defying gravity, the shelves hover . . or to paraphrase the famous Douglas Adams –“They hang in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.” No brackets, no trusses, no nails. No visible means of support. They’re just . . . THERE. Oddly, they did not get rave reviews from various lesser carpenters.Continue reading “Floating Shelves”