I shoulda said Gosh! Or Darn!

Jaynee J had a luxury courtesy suite at Centurion Park cricket ground and she invited us to watch a game. The Springboks / Proteas were playing someone in an international test match. 2001, so Sri Lanka, maybe.

Also: Jayne called it a ‘champagne suite’ and – as always – she had laid in enough stock for a siege. Or a rainy day. And that day Centurion Park was not like this:

Centurion cricket ground

I had great fun watching the people. Especially a guy in the next-door Telkom box, scanning the crowd with powerful binoculars, looking for girls. Whenever he saw someone watching him he’d say “I’m looking for my sister”.

We had to take two year-old Jessica along and it wasn’t really her thing. It rained off and on, so we were indoors with guest barman Johnno, who was intent on quality control and sampling. Aitch and I took turns amusing Jess and keeping her out of the adults’ hair. Here she is puddle-jumping behind the stadium:

After a while (cricket matches carry on and on and when you think they MUST be finished – surely? – they stop for tea) I had to feed and change Jess and decided to take her back to Jayne’s home. Change of scenery and a break for the adults.

On the way back to the stadium, freshly-fed and -wiped Jessie strapped in the car seat behind me, I missed the freeway offramp to the stadium. Didn’t have a clue how I’d get back to the stadium now, so I was kinda tense and focussed and fuming – what if I missed Jayne’s famous lunch? – until I finally figured it out and managed a tricky u-turn after the next offramp and got back on track. Finally I could relax.

“Pete?” came a little voice from behind me. Yes my love?



Oh, boy . . . . .

3 thoughts on “I shoulda said Gosh! Or Darn!

  1. jayne

    It rained the whole b….. season except for one amazing international when England came to play. Now, imagine ONE box decked out in union jacks, a visiting English urologist (I thought he said neurologist, which led to odd conversation), a cricket boff in situ along with brave friends .. surrounded by local supporters. Only the barmie army on the grassy knoll for support! Glorious day and England won!!! Cherry on the top they came and saluted our box. Will always remember the pommie surgeon grabbing my arm – loaded with fizz and saying: “I’ve never been this close to my boys! If I die now I will go to the hereafter rejoicing!!!” Those were the days my friend!


    • bewilderbeast

      You always could throw a party!! “Loaded with fizz” – indeed!
      But wait! There’s a contradiction here: You said “glorious day” and you said “England won” – ??


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