I shoulda said Gosh! or Darn!

Jaynee J had a luxury courtesy suite at Centurion Park cricket ground and she invited us to watch a game. The Springboks / Proteas were playing someone in an international test match. 2001, so Sri Lanka, maybe. Jayne didn’t call it a courtesy suite; she called it her ‘champagne suite’. Jayne Janetsky could POUR, andContinue reading “I shoulda said Gosh! or Darn!”

Being a single-parent household . .

. .  is not so bad. Tom just had a mate stay over who has a Four Parent Household. Well, two households. There’s Mom and her boyfriend and Dad and his girlfriend. They alternate weekends. Mom’s in hospital ‘getting better because she has stress and then she’s very hard on me’. This morning Mom’s boyfriendContinue reading “Being a single-parent household . .”