This Familiar Chap

I was moaning how Cape Wagtail numbers seem to have diminished and wondering if lawn poison did it.

Well, to be fair we also have to mention the apparent increased influx of a new (ish) city and suburban bird: The Familiar Chat. Years ago I used to look for them around old cattle kraals and other rural places, and occasionally big suburban gardens on the edges of towns.

Lately I have seen them in my garden in Westville, in my ole man’s garden in Lincoln Mead, Pietermaritzburg – where they’re nesting under the eaves – and now also on the roof of my shopping centre in Montclair – where I was bemoaning the missing wagtails.

Welcome, chaps!


pic: wikipedia ( I see it was taken by Frenchman Bernard DuPont in Camdeboo national park – love the pinpoint focus – detail you would easily miss – thank you Bernie!)


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