England Honeymoon

Paddock Wood in Kent – Hosted by Pete & Val Excell, old Cape Town friends of Aitch’s

Nearby dam or lake – lots of birders!

Road trip in Pete’s station wagon – a Ford, I think – Cortina? Grenada?

Across Dartmoor to Cornwall

In Bodmin we are generously hosted by Den and Mary Bluett (Blewett?), Mel Spaggiari’s folks on a beautiful small farm. There’s a stream and pond on their property. We see a newt and a hedgehog

And Yay! Another Dipper! After seeing one in America, we see one here! And he’s even more beautiful. He has a nest under a bridge and is feeding chicks.

By Mark Medcalf – Dipper https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15739681 – thank you!

But no kingfisher – we dipped out!


Here are the pics from our big old paper album:


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