Your Hippocampus Shall Set You Free

I mean, just saying “dentate gyrus – a part of the hippocampus” makes me think of dancing while grinning drunkenly next to a tent on a riverbank in a game reserve.
Not an unfamiliar scenario to many of our talented generation, I’m sure. That’s probably what has kept us young and our hippos still producing new babies. Or new neurons. The dancing and the alcohol. I remember one night in Sabi Sabi . . . . moving on . .

So there, I’m pleased to have brought you this good news: No alzheimers for us.

What was I saying again . . ? Oh, you can read the boring detail here:


Cheat notes cos I know that’s too long for you: Researchers analyzed tissue samples from 58 participants and found that, although age does slow development, adults continue to develop new neurons – called adult neurogenesis – in our dentate gyrus, a part of the hippocampus in the human brain, until at least our 90s.


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