Breakfast on the Deck

Egg, bacon, tomato, black coffee and binoculars. Thanks, Cecelia! The flying ants were trying to pair up and scurry off and mate after shrugging off their wings, but the ants were nabbing them. The ants, in turn were being robbed by the birds and a skink. They’d grab the juicy termite, flick hard, separating theContinue reading “Breakfast on the Deck”

Solemnish Ceremony

I gathered the kids and said “Let’s go and bury Mom’s ashes with Bella. We’ve been meaning to do it for ages, let’s do it now.” Her ashes had been keeping an eye on us from the mantelpiece. Now it was time for ceremony. We trooped down under the trees to the spot where TobiasContinue reading “Solemnish Ceremony”