Post Mortem – The Last Thing You Need

After vrek-ification I hate the idea of using fossil fuel to pollute the air to cremate me. What a waste and how harmful! Our effing grandkids are going to shake their heads in amazement at how dumb-destructive we were. Don’t want to be buried either – the embalming and other crap is very destructive andContinue reading “Post Mortem – The Last Thing You Need”

Forest Lawn, Elston Place

When Bella died we buried her in the garden under the copse of trees over the birdbath. Then Aitch died and we – well, “we”, read about that! – buried her ashes there too. Then Blackie the gundwane (gerbil) and Cheeky the other gundwane (hamster) followed. Then Janet and Trish’s dear old Dad Neil diedContinue reading “Forest Lawn, Elston Place”

Solemnish Ceremony

I gathered the kids and said “Let’s go and bury Mom’s ashes with Bella. We’ve been meaning to do it for ages, let’s do it now.” Her ashes had been keeping an eye on us from the mantelpiece. Now it was time for ceremony. We trooped down under the trees to the spot where TobiasContinue reading “Solemnish Ceremony”