You have to marvel. Awesome wonder and all that. Be gobsmacked. Cameras were invented around 1826 and the first personal cameras were sold to the general public around 1900 when Kodak Brownies cost $1. – 1000memories blog tells us this – By 1930 about a billion photos were being taken a year By 1960 aboutContinue reading “Selfies!”

Cellphone Roamin’

I send a serious sms: Hi all I will be able to send and receive sms’ while in Lesotho. I’ll be there from Thursday about 1pm to Monday about 12 noon. Thanks Pete ———————————————————————- and I get this:On 2012/05/28 Jon Taylor wrote: where-ever you may roam thru mist or snow or foam remember that you’llContinue reading “Cellphone Roamin’”