You have to marvel. Awesome wonder and all that. Be gobsmacked.
Cameras were invented around 1826 and the first personal cameras were sold to the general public around 1900 when Kodak Brownies cost $1.
1000memories blog tells us (see: )
By 1930 about a billion photos were being taken a year.
By 1960 about 3 billion photos a year.
By 1970 10 billion.
By 1980 25 billion.
By 1990 57 billion.
By 2000 86 billion.
And then we decide ‘Fuckit let’s REALLY start taking us some pictures!’ – let’s all carry a camera around all the time. And even if there’s nothing to photograph, let’s just take a picture of ourselves. That way we’ll ALWAYS have a subject.
Brilliant, aren’t we?
So today we’re taking about 380 billion photos a year AND we’re keeping them. Many early photos got lost, nowadays most don’t! Not even the ones where you cut off Aunt Enid’s head. Nor the close-up of that sandwich you ate. Holy guacamole!
My kids add to this treasure trove of priceless art:

More selfies LoddersSoutars Baldy

Here’s where the ‘art’ is stored: