Childless Cathedral

Aitch needed a break and Barbara Jeff, LindiLou and Robbie agreed to have the kids on their Umvoti Villa farm. So off we went to a luxury stay in the Cathedral Peak Hotel. The breast cancer had spread to liver and bones and the treatments she opted for were severe. Here was a break from the punishing rounds of chemo. October 2010.

Trish went on some short walks. I went on a few longer ones and some bike rides.

She took some pics of the smaller things . .


The kids had had an absolute ball on the farm:


True Grit

While on chemo,and having lost all her hair, Aitch pulls up outside Tom’s school. Please go and fetch Tom, Jessie.

No, Mom. Come with me. But Jess you know the school well, and I'm tired. You go. 
Moan, groan

Jess, I haven't a wig or a beanie or a hat with me and you know Tom gets embarrassed by 
my bald head. He doesn't want his friends and teachers to see me bald. 

Well, Mom: Tommy's just going to have to grit his teeth, says our Jess. 
So they waltzed in arm-in-arm. 

Here's Mom & Jess in wigs:
Aitch makes it fun to ease Jess' worries