Thutty Yizz! (that’s ’30yrs’ to you)

Aitch never held my culinary skills in high regard. Her favourite meal to mock was my chicken-onion-n-potato-in-a-pot special which she described as pale and tasteless. It wasn’t. It just looked bland. With enough red wine taken internally it was fine. She was right about my braaiing skills, though. Luckily Tom’s genes skipped back about seven […]

Moving? Don’t use Swanie’s Van Lines!

We were moving don’t ask me why. I would happily die here, I said to Aitch. “It’s outside the best schools’ catchment area” Aitch said to me. Which was why I was loading stuff into a rented trailer after fifteen years in River Drive. Look, it wasn’t a bad trailer. It was – OK, it […]

Smoked! I’ll take two please

Mother Mary (85 in 2013) went into Pick ‘n Pay looking for smoked hocks to use for making soup. Two delightful ladies behind the butchery counter looked at her curiously when she asked for smoked hocks. “What?” they asked “Smoked ‘ocks?” “Yes,” she replied, “smoked hocks.” “No, sorry, we don’t have smoked ‘ocks.”. “But I […]

Slack Mountaineering

Aitch and I took Jess & Tom up Table Mountain in Cape Town. We took the cable car up, and Aitch took it down as well. Here the kids are – about to walk down Platteklip Gorge. They bounded down like rock rabbits. I felt my knees wobbling about halfway down, so I sat down […]

Speaking of deposits . .

I was mentioning dog deposits here. Way back in 1973 I was staying in Oklahoma. My host Dad Jim was vice-president of the local bank. One morning he and his friend Tom the president were chatting, OK coffee-strategising, in Tom’s office when one of the ladies popped her head in: “It’s opening time and a […]

A horse of a different kettle of fish

We got a new kettle. The fancy black round Russell & Hobbs started leaking and that irritated me as it was only a year (or three? four?) old and I thought stuffit, so I dug the camping kettle out of the ammo box in the garage and we became Team Liquigas. So I got to […]