Load-Shedding Solution

Did optoms of yore have wig-fire insurance, I wonder? I ask cos I dusted off my candle-powered retinoscope – a gift from the Stoutes on my 40th – in case Eskom keeps wobbling and maybe even goes phut. While re-honing (OK, honing) my candle-powered retinoscopy skills I saw that singed ear might be a complication.Continue reading “Load-Shedding Solution”

Don’t Forget the Meat

On the way to Ithala we stopped at a Boxer store in Dundee to buy supplies. I deliberately didn’t go to the Woolworths or a shopping centre as the boys had been talking about dodgy places. As I stopped Josh and Tom said “This place is dodge”. Grabbing a trolley, I sent them off toContinue reading “Don’t Forget the Meat”

A Slow Walk, My China

Way back in around 1962 Donald Coleman and I walked home from school. The Harrismith Kleinspan School. It was about a mile and we set off around 1pm. When we got home we got the “Where have you been!?” treatment. Apparently it was 5pm already and getting dark and cold. Well, we wouldn’t have knownContinue reading “A Slow Walk, My China”