Xudum in Okavango

Another trip to the Delta! Aitch and I flew from Maun to Xudum in August 2001 when Janet & Duncan were helping Landela Safaris run their show. We landed on the nearby bush strip. After a few days in camp they had business in Maun and we accompanied them on the drive out of theContinue reading “Xudum in Okavango”

Oddballs Palm Island Luxury Lodge

Getting into Botswana’s Okavango Delta can be awfully expensive. A cheaper way is to fly in to Oddballs Palm Island Luxury Lodge, get on a mokoro and disappear off into the wild with a guide who knows where he’s going and what he’s doing. In 1993 Aitch and I did just that, spending a nightContinue reading “Oddballs Palm Island Luxury Lodge”

Hluhluwe again

Flying ants, black rhino, wild dogs and a magic unidentified raptor. Plus impressive thunderstorms, pelting rain, dry stream beds that ended up running merrily. The Hluhluwe river changed from dry sandy bed to quite a brown torrent between Friday night and Sunday morning. I thought ‘Augur Buzzard’ as I stopped the car just outside theContinue reading “Hluhluwe again”

Hwow! Hwange is Hwonderful!

One of Aitch’s list of ‘things to do’ once we knew she had cancer, was to visit her twin sis in Botswana. Janet quickly mustered her network and arranged a trip to Hwange, Zimababwe’s world-class national park. We’d been once before. Her friends Beks and Sarah Ndlovu of African Bush Camps own a concession andContinue reading “Hwow! Hwange is Hwonderful!”

Wilderness Walk Mfolosi: The Big Six

Lunchtime high on the Momfo cliffs overlooking a great bend in the Mfolosi river. Our guides lit a fire and began to prepare our lunch. We shucked off our light daypacks and settled down for another ‘well-deserved’ break after our gentle amble up the hill. From our high vantage point we had already seen aContinue reading “Wilderness Walk Mfolosi: The Big Six”

Wilderness Walk – Mfolosi 1985

The Umfolosi Wilderness is a special place. Far too small, of course, but its what we have. I’m reading Ian Player’s account of how Magqubu Ntombela taught him about wilderness and Africa and nature. The idea of a wild place where modern man could go to escape the city and re-discover what Africa was likeContinue reading “Wilderness Walk – Mfolosi 1985”

Don’t Forget the Meat

On the way to Ithala we stopped at a Boxer store in Dundee to buy supplies. I deliberately didn’t go to the Woolworths or a shopping centre as the boys had been talking about dodgy places. As I stopped Josh and Tom said “This place is dodge”. Grabbing a trolley, I sent them off toContinue reading “Don’t Forget the Meat”

Photographing Giraffe

Photogiraffing? It’s hard to photograph giraffe in Ithala Game Reserve when you have a Jack-in-the-Box popping up in the jeep right in front of your lens every time you’re ready to depress the shutter. And then the laughter gives camera shake.    

New Lease On (wild) Life

Geoffrey Caruth is a doer. He gets going. He has run an indigenous nursery in an industrial area for decades, he ran an Olde Heritage Shoppe for years, he built a pond in a park – as a donation to the people of Westville; he has a lovely young (much younger!) wife and two uglyContinue reading “New Lease On (wild) Life”

Underground and Underwater in Kenya

In Tsavo East we walked down a long underground tunnel from Elephant Hills Lodge on the hilltop in the first pic below, to the waterhole below the hill, where the tunnel ends in an iron-barred underground hide looking out at elephant feet and buffalo legs as they drink within pebble-tossing distance. In Tsavo West weContinue reading “Underground and Underwater in Kenya”

Hluhluwe LUXURY Camping!

Its a sudden decision: Let’s go to a game reserve Dad! – that’s Jess on Friday night. OK! (I’m chuffed!). I’m working tomorrow, so you guys buy food and gather the camping stuff. Be ready when I get home at 2:30pm and we’ll go to Mkhuze. Remember the tent, mattresses, pillows, your swimming cozzies. CeceliaContinue reading “Hluhluwe LUXURY Camping!”

Generous Souls

Off we went to St Lucia estuary for a camping long weekend. Let’s take the minimum guys, we can buy food locally. Just clear out the fridge and bread bin and let’s go. We’ll buy charcoal and meat and etc from the local Spar. I didn’t even take any wine!Let’s take a tent for theContinue reading “Generous Souls”

Jess the Spotter

Walking single-file to supper in Thembe Elephant Park camp one early evening with Jess bringing up the rear. “Dad there’s a snake!” she said, and pointed out this vine snake at about her eye level two foot off the path. We had all walked past it. Beautiful. Aitch took the pic. She’s a great spotter,Continue reading “Jess the Spotter”

The Considerate Crocodile

Saturday morning, and it’s just the boys, as Aitch is in Johannesburg and Jessie slept over at Annabelle’s. Tom & I have just spent the night in our beach shelter on the school playing fields in the annual Livingstone School Campout, and we’re driving home. He’s in grade 1. Dad, did you see the lionsContinue reading “The Considerate Crocodile”

Don’t complain to us . . .

The day we moved into Elston Place Sheila brought Jess & Tom to the new house as we moved our stuff from Windsor Avenue a couple of kilometres away in Westville. Standing on the driveway,  four-year-old TomTom looked up and saw the resident vervet monkey gang precariously wobbling across a wire high above. He startedContinue reading “Don’t complain to us . . .”