A Brief Wobble

Two days after Tommy’s “outbreak of ebola” had been curtailed I rolled out of bed at 6am on my Thursday off work and plopped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I lay there thinking ‘I’m going to vomit’ and started crawling to the toilet, thinking ‘I’ve caught Tom’s virus’. Then I thought “HangContinue reading “A Brief Wobble”

Hypotheses, Theories and Us

Here’s your muti Tom, I say. He has already snuggled into bed. You need to remember to take it yourself, fella.“It’s open to scientific debate, Dad” says my sleepy open-minded critic.True boy, that’s why we see if it helps you. As long as you benefit from it we give it, if it stops helping youContinue reading “Hypotheses, Theories and Us”

Being a single-parent household . .

. .  is not so bad. Tom just had a mate stay over who has a Four Parent Household. Well, two households. There’s Mom and her boyfriend and Dad and his girlfriend. They alternate weekends. Mom’s in hospital ‘getting better because she has stress and then she’s very hard on me’. This morning Mom’s boyfriendContinue reading “Being a single-parent household . .”