Boys n Girls in the Movies

Took three 12yr-olds to the movies on Friday night. They asked me to disappear before they got spotted with me – ruin their reps, I would. So I wander off to my man cave substitute, Exclusive Books and wait, surplus to requirements. They walk in bright-eyed a few hours later. The movie? Oh, the MOVIE!?Continue reading “Boys n Girls in the Movies”

Elston Place Ster/Kinekor

Dad can we go to movies at the PuhVILLION? ask Jess n Tom. PleezPleezPleezPleez Definitely not. We went to a shopping centre yesterday, no way I’m inflicting that on myself two days in a row. Aaaaw! Next minute they’ve run to the shops by their own selves, bought jelly tots and flavoured water with theirContinue reading “Elston Place Ster/Kinekor”