Boys n Girls in the Movies

Took three 12yr-olds to the movies on Friday night. They asked me to disappear before they got spotted with me – ruin their reps, I would. So I wander off to my man cave substitute, Exclusive Books and wait, surplus to requirements. They walk in bright-eyed a few hours later. The movie? Oh, the MOVIE!?Continue reading “Boys n Girls in the Movies”

Raising a Glow

Before you listen to any music, girls, outside for some exercise. Off the couch! Moan, grumble, whinge. Not a one of them wants to do anything remotely strenuous. Nothing that would make them glow. ‘Cos as we know, ‘horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies just glow.’ Aw, Dad! But they start. All three are veryContinue reading “Raising a Glow”