Rain and Roughing it

Lotsa rain in Tegween (eThekwini, Durban). The garden looks like a series of lakes and the pool is overflowing. I had asked Tobias to fill it up just before the rains started, so I’ve actually paid for some of the water flowing out over the lawn!Luckily I have a bakkie now, so I shouldn’t getContinue reading “Rain and Roughing it”

Floating Shelves

Defying gravity, the shelves hover . . or to paraphrase the famous Douglas Adams –“They hang in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.” No brackets, no trusses, no nails. No visible means of support. They’re just . . . THERE. Oddly, they did not get rave reviews from various lesser carpenters.Continue reading “Floating Shelves”