Football Turnaround – So Glad You Could Leave!

Played football in Apache Oklahoma in ’73 for the Apache Warriors. The coaches did their best to bring this African up to speed on the rules and objectives of gridiron. We played two pre-season warm-up games followed by five league games. And lost all seven encounters! Myself I was kinda lost on the field, whatContinue reading “Football Turnaround – So Glad You Could Leave!”

Rise up, Comrades!

We’re watching the Comrades Marathon out on the road again tomorrow, I announce. My house is infested with five know-it-alls. We’ll get up at about 5.30 and be there by 6. The route is about 600m up the road and we like to watch the ‘up’ run if we’re home. Aaw, Dad, can’t we watchContinue reading “Rise up, Comrades!”