But What if it’s Delicious?

So I’m on Noakes’ diet – well, eating plan. OK – Trying to follow his advice, sort of.

Well, actually just trying to cut out sugar. Eating tons more bacon.

So Marc is in our garden cottage while he’s learning to be a chef at the international hotel school up the road. Lovely chap, son of canoeing friend Kelway Tanner, and already hired by Zimbali to cook for them.

When I get home he says –

Here you go – Today was “desserts” and I made this for you.

Double choc, caramel layer, thin layer of blueberry, biscuit base, WICKED!

Mmmm mmmmmmmm!!! Don’t tell Tim.

. . . . .

By the time I thought to take a picture there was just a smear on the plate, no crumbs even. Then I licked the smear.