100 years

Well, twenty nine anyway. Me n Aitch would have been married 29yrs today!  A toast and good memories! We were together 26yrs, married 23, and I got 34yrs of kids value out of it (19 plus 15)! Add all that together = 100yrs.

Jeannie Stewart, Aitch, Jane ___ and me - at 7 River Drive Westville

I had a hard time, as she would gallivant with handsome young bucks on Harley Davidsons when I wasn’t looking:

Aitch on a Harley !

Aitch was a secret biker chick in her day. She went to the Buffalo Rally:

and she was into convertibles, Cadillacs in America, Audis and jeeps in SA:

and into taking photos to mock me:


Aitch’s Drumbeat for sale

From a yachting website:

For Sale: Used 60’6″ Clare Lallow Cruising Sailboat 1957. 

Sir Max Aitken (‘Lord Beaverbrook’)’s Drumbeat Is For Sale. Totally Rebuilt In The Early 90s At Berthon,  Has Had Truck Loads Of Money Hurled At Her Since. Special, Original And Thoroughly Useable Piece Of Our Maritime Heritage.

Trish sailed in her as navigator and chef in about 1983 from the Caribbean to the UK where she headed for a refitting (the boat! not the girlfriend-to-be!).


Aitch at the helm