Seventy Long Years

On the 14th July 1951 the biggest hugest massivest humungousest stroke of luck to befall him in all his life befell Pieter Gerhardus Swanepoel. By far. By a very long long way the biggest.

And he didn’t realise it, still doesn’t.

This morning Mary will wake thinking, I wonder how Pieter is, I hope he’s alright.

Happy 70th wedding anniversary, Mom n Dad.

100 years

Well, twenty nine anyway. Me n Aitch would have been married 29yrs today!  A toast and good memories! We were together 26yrs, married 23, and I got 34yrs of kids value out of it (19 plus 15)! Add all that together = 100yrs.

Jeannie Stewart, Aitch, Jane ___ and me - at 7 River Drive Westville

I had a hard time, as she would gallivant with handsome young bucks on Harley Davidsons when I wasn’t looking:

Aitch on a Harley !

Aitch was a secret biker chick in her day. She went to the Buffalo Rally:

and she was into convertibles, Cadillacs in America, Audis and jeeps in SA:

and into taking photos to mock me: